Don’t wake up on the wrong side of the bed


7 Plagues of waking up Early from

Mornings. The worst part of any day. It is not uncommon for me to wake up in a confused state of delirium, not know what day it is or even what country I’m in. This comic from Exploding Comics is the story of my life. Apparently, the reason for the confusion and that heavy nauseous feeling we get is because we have been woken up in a startling way that radically disturbed our REM cycle. That, apparently, is bad. So… what to do about it?


Screen shot from nightly statistics showing how deeply you slept throughout the night and setting the alarm range

There’s an app for that. It’s called Sleep Cycle. $2.99 on the app store. Basically, you stick your phone next to your pillow at night and it monitors your sleeping patterns for a week, i.e. how much you flop around or sprawl. Once it has established whether or not you sleep like a corpse or like a bouncy ball, it starts to give you statistics about your sleeping. I love statistics.

It tells you how deep you were sleeping throughout the night, what your sleep quality is AND you can add notes about what you did that day and it will draw comparisons for you. I don’t care what they say, correlation can equal causation. It’s not a coincidence when it tells you that eating McDonalds at 2 am makes you sleep worse.

Anyway, this is all nice and everything, but how does it actually help?

It wakes you up slowwwlllyy, therefore not scaring you when it goes off or making you want to punch a hole in the wall. Every night you give it a range to wake you up between and it sees how deeply you’re asleep and wakes you up accordingly. It starts out with barely a vibrate, then it plays your music really soft. If it’s annoying you then you can smack it and it turns off, but eventually, when it is time for you to get up it plays your music insistently and vibrates until you unlock your phone and turn it off.

It’s so gentle.

No, it’s not a miracle app that is going to wake you up with a smile on your face and a song in your heart. I firmly believe we were not meant to spring out of bed like cartoon characters. However, it greatly does improve how you feel when you wake up. You definitely feel more awake, less groggy and more equipped to deal with your day. When you wake up feeling more alert, you are more efficient and it takes less time to get ready, so you actually get to sleep longer.

So, worth the $2.99? Absolutely.


2 thoughts on “Don’t wake up on the wrong side of the bed

  1. I have a dependent relationship with my snooze button, and need a significant amount of time in the morning before I act like a human being, so I completely understand where you’re coming from. A friend of mine uses this app as well, and loves it! It was interesting to read this blog and see all the things the app does–it really sounds great! My main reason for not getting it, though, is that I have heard that it can disrupt your sleep to have a cell phone close to you. I sleep with mine right next to my bed, so by my pillow might not make that much of a difference. But after hearing those studies it made me a little wary to try this app.


    • That’s interesting, Elizabeth. I haven’t noticed it disrupting me, probably because I place it face down, but I’m sure it’s a possibility. I’ll look into it. 🙂


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