Wearable Tech: Introducing Cuff…it’s like jewelry


Google-Glasses-03This post is NOT about Google Glass! šŸ˜‰

Google Glass, Google Glass, Google Glass…Ā Our minds immediately fly to it every time we think of wearable technology. However, there is a much bigger sphere and market out there than just Google Glass. Now for those of you who think wearable tech is nerdy and wouldn’t be caught dead wearing something as obtrusive as Google Glass there are other interesting options available to you.

A cool one that is being developed right now is calledĀ Cuff. Cuff is basically wearable jewelry with a safety alert system that connects to an app for iPhone and Android to alert people in your safety network if you need help. Basically it is a cooler Ā version of Ā Life Alert for technologically advanced people who have, “fallen and can’t get up”.


Cuff options of wearable tech

Also, it has an option to alert people in a less alarming way if you are trying to just get in touch with them by giving them a gentle vibrate, thus providing you with another way to tell if someone is ducking your calls. So if you see a creepy man in the Walmart parking lot giving you the evil eye (basically every day) you can press the button and tell your safety network that you need backup, this gives them your GPS location so they can come assist you.

Another feature is the magical feature that allows you to never have to charge it or change the batteries. It’s completely self sustaining and providing a super covert way to protect yourself while striving to look fabulous.

Basically you are a helpless James Bond or a stylish Inspector Gadget.

So maybe you aren’t into wearable tech, neither am I, but this is an option worth considering. I don’t want to look like a dorky little guy running around, tripping over cracks in the sidewalk while wearing a Google Glass. I’d rather get a flat tire during a lightening storm or watch paint dry. Cuff however seems like a more viable option for those who refuse to broadcast their technologicalĀ savviness. I’m not completely sold, but I am intrigued. I guess I’ll check them out when they debut this fall.

This seems like the birth of another type of social media to me. The Cuff Safety Network- “Complete connection to friends that protect you from people that are following you”

Check out their video: